The Aldridge Family

When your evening starts out with bubbles, you know you're going to have a good time!

Jackson was a pro at blowing really big ones! Don't you just love his freckles!

Abigail had the hardest time! I think we determined it was her new missing tooth!


I've been waiting to photograph these kids for almost 2 years now!!! I just love their dark eyelashes!

When Kathy and I chatted about where to do their pictures, one thing she mentioned was how much they enjoyed taking walks in their neighborhood. So, we took a walk!

When we crossed the street we found the most perfect light! I think this may be my favorite!

They went swimming earlier in the day. I think Abigail was worn out, but it made for a sweet moment with Mom!

Now you know why these kids are so gorgeous! Mom & Dad lookin' pretty good!

A little storytime.

I do love this book :)

Jackson play guitar!

A quick wardrobe change and we headed to the park.

This just makes me smile!

And this makes me giggle!

Apparently there was a  spontaneous dance party!

I had a great time with you guys! Thanks Kathy and John for letting me spend the evening with your beautiful family! I hope the ice cream was amazing:)

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Sarah & Tommy | Married

I must admit that I was more than a little nervous for Sarah & Tommy's wedding! We had exchanged many an email and had a few phone conversations, but had yet to meet in person. It's always a mystery as to whether we will click in person! When I arrived at the General Lewis Inn where Sarah and the girls were getting ready, I was so happy to find that Sarah was as sweet as could be! Later, when I met Tommy, I could see how perfect he was for Sarah. Married at Old Stone Presbyterian Church in historic downtown Lewisburg they were surrounded by the family and friends that meant the most to them. The road has not been easy for them, and they had even me in tears at a slideshow during the reception. They have the best friends and strong family ties. I know they will be blessed!

I love how Sarah's Mom had to compose herself after zipping Sarah into her dress!

Sarah - You'll have to remind me of the story of the pearls! I believe her Aunt gave her a pearl at her birthday every year. Then at graduation had them strung into a necklace. Hope I got that right!

The flowers, compliments of Tommy's Mom, were gorgeous!

The inside of the hotel was amazing! I could have shot there all day!

Hello beautiful bride!!!

Detail - so fitting!

In the last few minutes before the ceremony began, Sarah waited outside. I am completely in love with the shot I captured through the crack in the church doors.

My fabulous assistant, Chelsa, stationed herself in the balcony and grabbed this shot during the ceremony. I love it!

I always love this moment!

The new Mr. & Mrs. Waterworth!

We had some fun with group portraits just after the ceremony! I believe there was some discussion about a brown cow! :)

These guys were hysterical!

A little quiet time.

Hello handsome!

Sarah, you are stunning....truly stunning.

Sarah's only requested shot! Love it!

Sarah's Mom asked for this one. Apparently Sarah's Mom and Dad have a photo just like this on their wedding day. How fun!

Off to the reception! Shannon of Something Elegant did an amazing job the entire day keeping everything running smoothly! She also brought the reception site to life, making it beautiful!

I love this ring shot!

Cucina Luisa provided the most wonderful and colorful food! It tasted as good as is looked!

First dance!

Chelsa grabbed this shot also! The kids started off the dancing!

At the end of the evening I grabbed Tommy for a few quick shots. Look how handsome!

Thank you both for allowing me to share in your big day! I feel I witnessed something truly special! Enjoy your slideshow below!

Many blessings, Lori

Sweet Baby Addison!

James and Jennifer are now Mommy and Daddy! And like any new parent, they are completely and totally in love with their baby girl. She takes their breath away with her smile and their eyes light up when she's happy. She is the center of their universe. They are smitten!

Baby Addison is just too cute! She had me smitten too!

A quick change - I love this slice of everyday life!

Beautiful baby eyelashes

I adore baby bellies!!!!

Even though it was pouring rain when I arrived for their session, the swing was dry enough to spend some time on! One of my favorites! I want a porch swing!!!

Snuggles with Mommy and Daddy!

Love :)!

I just want to nibble the baby fingers!!

Hands down, my very favorite! LOVE!

Back inside for another change and a giggle with Mom!

Sweet toes!

Funny face!

I love Addy's room! Babies always look so tiny in their cribs!

This makes me smile!

Addy has just discovered her tongue! It cracks me up! Watch the slideshow for more photos of her tongue action!

Addy loves it when Daddy tickles her feet!

I love this photo, although, James and Jennifer will tell you that Addy was just done at this point! She was a trooper, despite not feeling herself and the rainy weather.

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But, before you do, let me tell you just how special this little baby is! James and Jennifer have been so blessed to be given such a beautiful, sweet little girl. However, Baby Addison is sick. Just a few months ago, she was diagnosed with SMA Type 1. With the support of their family and friends, Addison, James, and Jennifer continue to pursue treatment and a cure. One thing is sure, Addison is loved beyond words.

Thank you James and Jennifer for sharing your family with me! You are in my prayers and I know that our God will provide everything you need.

Many blessings,