2014 Portrait Highlights

I didn't start my year intending to take off the entire month of January, but I'm kind of glad it worked out that way!  I needed the rest.  I've always known that the first of the year is hard for me creatively.  Fall is usually crazy busy and I push so hard to finish everything.  Combine that with the amazing beauty that is fall in the Roanoke Valley and I use up almost every ounce of my creative juices by the end of the year!!  So once Christmas is over and the pretty lights are gone, the fall leaves have all fallen, and it's time to slow down, I usually feel myself crash.  It's a time of rest.  There are behind the scenes pieces that need to be taken care of and I make sure to take pictures of my kids on a fairly regular basis, but the constant flow of making something new and different is on pause.  I'm learning this is ok and needed!  So maybe the month of January will become somewhat of a vacation month in the future.  We'll just have to see ;)

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Baby Christian | Newborn

Baby Christian decided to make his appearance a bit early, surprising his parents!!  I spent an evening with the beautiful family, their gorgeous little girl, and precious baby boy ;)  Little Christian was alert and watchful, and oh so adorable, and Bella is the best big sister ever!  It was a perfect evening, and I love the images we captured!  Enjoy!I love baby heads!!Look at him smile!Gorgeous Mama!!It was such a pretty evening, and I loved the trees in their yard!

Morgan | Sweet 16

I had the chance to spend an evening with this beautiful young lady ;)  I've known her for a few years now, and as you'll see, her sweet spirit is beautiful!  Morgan just turned 16 and is growing into an amazing woman.  She's getting ready to go through some changes, and we wanted to mark this moment in time.  Morgan has been diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma, and she's heading into some aggressive treatment.  But if I know anything, I know that this girl will face whatever comes her way with grace and her famous smile!!  Morgan - you are beautiful inside and out!!  Thanks for modeling for my camera ;)  Enjoy!A few with Mom & Dad ;)Just a few of the many faces of Morgan!!Love and prayers ;)

Brylee & Blake | Siblings

Sometimes it feels like I've only just begun this photography journey, and other times it feel like I've been doing it forever!!  I photographed Corri way back when she was a Senior in high school.  Now I'm photographing her babies!!  Little Blake just made his entrance into the world, and with Daddy deployed oversees, photos to send are a must!!  Brylee's smile just lights up a room, and I love her personality!!  Blake is the most laid back baby ever ;)  Sweet and easy, and so tiny!!  Enjoy ;)View their entire gallery here ;)