2014 Portrait Highlights

I didn't start my year intending to take off the entire month of January, but I'm kind of glad it worked out that way!  I needed the rest.  I've always known that the first of the year is hard for me creatively.  Fall is usually crazy busy and I push so hard to finish everything.  Combine that with the amazing beauty that is fall in the Roanoke Valley and I use up almost every ounce of my creative juices by the end of the year!!  So once Christmas is over and the pretty lights are gone, the fall leaves have all fallen, and it's time to slow down, I usually feel myself crash.  It's a time of rest.  There are behind the scenes pieces that need to be taken care of and I make sure to take pictures of my kids on a fairly regular basis, but the constant flow of making something new and different is on pause.  I'm learning this is ok and needed!  So maybe the month of January will become somewhat of a vacation month in the future.  We'll just have to see ;)

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Mallory & Oliver | Newborn

Babies and I usually get along pretty well ;)  Having done the baby thing myself 6 times, I love the chance to love on some little ones!  But my hat is off to anyone with multiples!!  One baby at a time is hard enough.  2 is just a lot!!  But these guys have it made - Mom and Dad are doing an amazing job ;)  They of course decided to make their entrance early, but after a little stay in the hospital, were home and still perfectly tiny for our session!!  I loved every crazy minute ;)  Enjoy!Mama is big on the monograms, and I love them!Sweet boy!Mallory was peeking ;)We decided to stop for a snack!And a wardrobe change ;)Grandma made these hats, and I was obsessed with them!!Hello pretty girl!!!FAVORITE!!!!!Love the monograms ;)  You can view their full gallery here ;)

Michael & Lauren & Kelsey & Rachael | Family

When I was just starting my business, I photographed a lot of friends ;)  Families I knew from school, from church, relatives.  These were all very comfortable and easy, and felt more like spending time with friends than actual work!  So when I would get a call from a new person, someone I didn't know, I was giddy and nervous!!  I remember getting the call from Tim, saying he wanted to surprise his wife with a photo of their children for Mother's Day.  We chatted dates and location, and set up a time when he could get the kids out of the house without Lisa knowing.  I thought he was deserving of the "Best Husband Ever" award.  Not just because he was being thoughtful with his gift, but because he was willing to get 4 kids, 3 of whom were triplets under the age of 3, out of the house by himself, and dressed for a photo session!!!  I had the best time with these kids, even though they don't remember ;)  But I was incredibly proud of the images.  So proud that one is still on my website today ;)

All of that to say that I was thrilled when Lisa contacted me for another session.  This time she was the one surprising Tim, and my how these kids have grown!!!  They are still just as fun and easy to photograph!!  Lisa, it was great to finally meet you!  I hope you enjoy your beautiful children ;)  This one makes me laugh!!In the tree-house Mom built ;)Rock, paper, scissors!!"Don't smile!"Beautiful sisters - Lauren, Kelsey, and Rachael!!And Michael is so handsome, and so big!!Love this one ;)Lisa, you are one gorgeous Mama!!By the way - Lisa, can you tell me which one is in the photograph on my website?!!  I'm not sure who it is, but I'm pretty sure you do ;)

Caitlin & Joey | Expecting - Roanoke VA Baby Photographer

They met randomly at the fair, and then connected on Facebook.  Each of them worried if the other one would be "nice".  But they didn't need to worry, because not only were they nice, they were perfect for each other!!  Caitlin and Joey are so excited to expand their family with the addition of a little girl in just a few short weeks!!  They made the trip to my studio on a beautiful Friday afternoon, and we found some fun locations for their session ;)  The weather was beautiful, and Caitlin wears her pregnancy well!!  She is radiant, and Joey is smitten with his two girls!!  Enjoy!!Sweet little baby bump ;)Caitlin - you are so beautiful!!!Meet Aubrey ;)  She's already beautiful!!Ahhh!!  Favorite ;)Could her belly be any more perfect?!!Joey is so gentle and caring with her ;)  I know he's going to be an amazing Dad!!So happy!!

Adam & Clare | Engaged - Blacksburg VA Engagement Photography

They were coming off a busy weekend, with Adam's graduation, and getting ready to start a new job.  Throw in wedding planning, and house hunting, and work, and life, and I was a bit nervous that the rain that showed up the morning of our scheduled session would just be too much!  But Adam and Clare are two of the most laid back, easy going people you'll ever meet!!  On the phone, at 7:00 in the morning, Clare said "A little rain won't bother me!! I'll just bring my umbrella and my rain boots!"  I loved it!!  So with umbrella's in hand, we strolled around Tech campus, in the rain, and it was perfect ;)  I love how these guys love each other!  I can't wait for their wedding - from what Clare has told me, it's going to be the wedding of a lifetime!!  And I believe her because her sister Kelsey's wedding last year was amazing!!!  Enjoy ;)