Emily & Ryan | Married

Although Ryan & Emily's official ceremony was a small and private affair, they couldn't pass up the opportunity to celebrate their marriage and new family with their friends and family ;)  So on a perfect fall day, under falling leaves and warm sun, they promised to continue to honor their wedding vows.  Then they danced and ate and danced some more, until darkness fell and sparklers glowed.  It was simple and beautiful and perfect ;)

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2016 Wedding Collection | A few favorites

Nothing like the last day of the first month of the year to make you want to look back on the previous year!!  But I say better late than never, and 2016 was pretty darn awesome on the photography front, so I couldn't let a review pass me by!  I have a review of my portrait sessions coming, with so many family portraits you've never seen, so stay tuned for those ;)  There's no particular order to these, no rhyme or reason, other than they spoke to me and made me feel something about that day, that couple, that wedding ;)

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Meredith & Patricia | Married

Blue skies, puffy clouds, custom-made necklaces, wildflowers, and cupcakes ;)  The makings of a wonderful day of celebration and joy!  Meredith and Patricia met and graduated from Hollins, so a ceremony there made perfect sense.  The fact that the chapel is beautiful and so is Campus didn't hurt!  A flurry of last minute preparations took place prior to their First Look but after the Moms helped make sure necklaces were perfectly placed, Meredith & Patricia saw each other for the first time as brides and their joy was evident!  Their ceremony was touching an heartfelt and included so many family members and friends.....

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Natalie & Jason | Engaged

I love it when a couple has been together a long time.  There's a comfort in their connection, a knowing, a balance.  Natalie and Jason are getting married next year and I'm so excited for their celebration!!  It's not often that I meet my match height-wise but I can't wait to see Natalie in a wedding gown!!!  We had the most perfect day for their engagement session and I loved every single image we captured ;)  Then there were the dogs!!  Enjoy my favorites!!2014-11-06_00012014-11-06_00022014-11-06_00032014-11-06_00042014-11-06_00052014-11-06_00062014-11-06_00072014-11-06_00082014-11-06_00092014-11-06_00102014-11-06_00112014-11-06_00122014-11-06_00132014-11-06_00142014-11-06_00152014-11-06_00162014-11-06_00172014-11-06_00182014-11-06_00192014-11-06_00202014-11-06_00212014-11-06_00222014-11-06_00232014-11-06_00242014-11-06_00252014-11-06_00262014-11-06_00272014-11-06_00282014-11-06_00292014-11-06_00302014-11-06_00312014-11-06_00322014-11-06_00332014-11-06_00342014-11-06_00352014-11-06_0036