A little time, a little fun ;)

Well, hello blog world!!!  It's been a while since I've posted ;)  And it's been good to take a break!!  I've spent some time with my family, taken on a few projects, rested, relaxed, and taken steps to become creatively inspired!  It's been a great break, and I'm ready to start sharing some of the sessions that I've been shooting in the meantime ;)  But first, a few weeks ago a group of local photographers and myself had the chance to get away for a weekend and be creative.  Dancers and a studio were lined up, rooms reserved, models assigned and wardrobe chosen.  And then, we took pictures ;)  I even shot some film, but I'm waiting on them to get back from the lab ;)  Enjoy!

Ballerina session

Models Bailey, Alexis and Carmen

Rhythm Dance Studios

Concept by Lori Hedrick and Jennifer Scruggs

Long Exposure and Light Painting

Photos by Lori Hedrick ;)

Double Exposure

Concept by Chelsa YoderSparkles and Prisms

Concept by Natalie Gibbs

Model: Kristyn Lamb with Modelogic Richmond

Photos by Lori HedrickLight and Shadows

Concept by Fallon Kreye

Model: Kristyn Lamb with Modelogic Richmond

Photo by Lori HedrickBridal Session

Concept by Mary Stafford

Model: Kayla Lyons with Modelogic Richmond

Photos by Lori HedrickOutdoor/Film Shoot

Concept by Rabiah Khwaja Gohar

Models: Colby Natasha Muhammad and Kirsten Hauser from Modelogic Richmond

Photos by Lori HedrickNight Noir Session

Concept by Corey Watkins

Model: Chelsa Yoder

Photos by Lori Hedrick

New Blog!!!!!

I am so excited to announce the launch of my new blog!!! The new template really blends with my branding and allows me to showcase some wonderfully large images! Because many of you like to go back and look at previous entries, I imported all the old posts. All the link work as well as the slideshows so click away! I'm very pleased with this next step in my business and many thanks to all who support me with their love and prayers! A big thanks to Jared for designing and installing the template! He's been great to work with! To kick it off, I'm posting 2 of my most favorite images from last year! These are amazing. sunrise-100.jpg




Virginia Women's Show

*** I apparently wrote this post sometime last week and then forgot to put it up!  Sometimes I don't know where my brain is!***  This past weekend I was excited to participate in the Virginia Women's Show!  It meant a lot of preparation in a very short amount of time, but with the help of my wonderful friend Lisa, we pulled it off.  In the rush and chaos, I completely forgot the camera!!!  I am kicking myself!  I wanted to share my booth but also wanted to document the process so I would know what to change or keep the same the next time!  Oh well!  

It was a great day with lots of women and lots of things that interest women!  With around 4,000 women over the course of the day, we were busy!  Lisa and I looked at our watches about 2:30 and were amazed that the day had just flown by! 

I am excited to say that I have a winner for the free album contest!  I mixed up the bowl good and then had my husband draw the name!  I can't announce it yet as I must get in touch with them first, but when I do, I'll make another post!  I can't wait to do the session and then design the album!  I love doing albums!  I need to get some pictures of the albums I have done up here for all to see!  They are really amazing and a very different way to display your pictures! 

 That's all for now, keep looking back for a wonderful session from just after Christmas with a family that came together over the holidays for the first time in over 10 years!  It was a joy!