2014 Portrait Highlights

I didn't start my year intending to take off the entire month of January, but I'm kind of glad it worked out that way!  I needed the rest.  I've always known that the first of the year is hard for me creatively.  Fall is usually crazy busy and I push so hard to finish everything.  Combine that with the amazing beauty that is fall in the Roanoke Valley and I use up almost every ounce of my creative juices by the end of the year!!  So once Christmas is over and the pretty lights are gone, the fall leaves have all fallen, and it's time to slow down, I usually feel myself crash.  It's a time of rest.  There are behind the scenes pieces that need to be taken care of and I make sure to take pictures of my kids on a fairly regular basis, but the constant flow of making something new and different is on pause.  I'm learning this is ok and needed!  So maybe the month of January will become somewhat of a vacation month in the future.  We'll just have to see ;)

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Edward & Marianna & Reese & Rowan

Showing up at this session, the fog was so thick you couldn't even see the trees!  A quick decision to head a few minutes down the road put us a little bit higher and in a more open area.  Plus the apple crates were fun!!  Then the fog lifted and we went apple picking ;)  Edward and Marianna and their girls are from New York and new to the valley.  What a fun way to capture their time here in Roanoke!  Enjoy some of my favorites from this fun session with a beautiful family!!AppleOrchardFamilySession100AppleOrchardFamilySession101AppleOrchardFamilySession102AppleOrchardFamilySession103AppleOrchardFamilySession104AppleOrchardFamilySession105AppleOrchardFamilySession106AppleOrchardFamilySession107AppleOrchardFamilySession108AppleOrchardFamilySession109AppleOrchardFamilySession110AppleOrchardFamilySession111AppleOrchardFamilySession112AppleOrchardFamilySession113AppleOrchardFamilySession114AppleOrchardFamilySession115AppleOrchardFamilySession116AppleOrchardFamilySession117AppleOrchardFamilySession118AppleOrchardFamilySession119AppleOrchardFamilySession120AppleOrchardFamilySession121AppleOrchardFamilySession122AppleOrchardFamilySession123AppleOrchardFamilySession124AppleOrchardFamilySession125AppleOrchardFamilySession126AppleOrchardFamilySession127AppleOrchardFamilySession128AppleOrchardFamilySession129AppleOrchardFamilySession130AppleOrchardFamilySession131AppleOrchardFamilySession132AppleOrchardFamilySession133AppleOrchardFamilySession134AppleOrchardFamilySession135 &

2012 Review | Portraits

How hard is it to believe that another year has come and gone?!  The passage of time is just crazy to me ;)  How much can change in a year, how much can stay the same.  How it seems quite slow at the time, but then incredibly fast in retrospect.  I have been so blessed to work with some amazing people over the course of the past year!  And because they are so great, I wanted to share some of my favorite photos from this past year!!  I feel sad I can't share them all again, but here, in no particular order, are a handful of  photos that make me smile!  Enjoy the beautiful people I photographed in 2012 - Portrait Edition!!!

Garner Family - Part 2 | Finally!!

I always enjoy hanging out with this family!!!  It's hard to believe that Miss Addy is almost 4 years old!!!  For Christmas, James and Jennifer gifted their family and friends with photographs ;)  We were able to do James' side of the family a while back, but were just now able to align our schedules for the second part of our session.  Of course it didn't help that there was a broken foot, a hospital visit, a new baby, and a few other things thrown into the mix!!!  But it was a beautiful day and this family is surrounded by so many who love and support them ;)