A Collection of Recent Bridal Sessions

Bridal sessions are some of my favorite type of sessions ever!!  I love seeing a bride all dressed up for the first time.  I love the extended amount of time to work with just them.  I love helping them feel beautiful.  It's such a great chance to test out the "Look" that you've wanted to pull together.  To see if the dress fits correctly, how the make-up looks, are the shoes (somewhat) comfortable!  I don't think I've photographed a Bridal session yet where the bride hasn't adjusted at least one thing for the big day.  Sometimes the hair just needs a little tweaking, or the straps need to be taken in a little.  Whatever it is, these little things go a long way towards making her more comfortable on the big day!

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Emily | Bridals

I adore Bridal Sessions!!  Every bride needs the chance to put on her dress more than once, and the chance to feel like a beautiful bride!!  Emily and Brian are married, and I can't wait to share their wedding photos, but I'm also excited to share Emily's bridal session at the beautiful Inn at Burwell Place!!  It was the perfect backdrop for Emily's lace dress and vintage vibe.  I am super proud of these images, and hope you enjoy some of my favorites!!EmilyMookBridals-100_blogEmilyMookBridals-101_blogEmilyMookBridals-102_blog

Oh so pretty!!!EmilyMookBridals-107_blogEmilyMookBridals-108_blogEmilyMookBridals-114_blogEmilyMookBridals-123_blog

Love this one!!  So classy and elegant ;)EmilyMookBridals-128_blogEmilyMookBridals-130_blogEmilyMookBridals-136_blogEmilyMookBridals-139_blogEmilyMookBridals-148_blogEmilyMookBridals-149_blogEmilyMookBridals-155_blog

Ahhh!!!  This one is gorgeous!!!EmilyMookBridals-164_blogEmilyMookBridals-166_blogEmilyMookBridals-167_blogEmilyMookBridals-169_blogEmilyMookBridals-170_blogEmilyMookBridals-179_blogEmilyMookBridals-181_blogEmilyMookBridals-186_blogEmilyMookBridals-190_blog

I don't use off camera flash for many session, but I'm so glad I did this time!!!  Love the dramatic clouds in these ;)EmilyMookBridals-194_blogEmilyMookBridals-197_blogEmilyMookBridals-200_blogEmilyMookBridals-203_blog

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2012 Review | Bridals

I LOVE doing Bridal sessions!!  Seriously LOVE them ;)  I mean, at what other time does a girl get to get all dressed up, in the dress of her dreams, and feel like a beautiful model!!!  Bridals are definitely a true southern tradition, and so in our area, they can be a bit hit-or-miss!!  But when I do them, they are always so much fun!!!  And with a beautiful bride in tow, we can do just about anything ;)  Many of these photos are on the blog for the first time, as I must always wait until after the wedding to share.  So enjoy some of my favorite photos from bridal session in 2012!

Jessica & Zach | Bridal - Roanoke VA Wedding Photographer

Before their wedding, before Jessica moved across the country to join her husband, before Zach deployed to serve our country, before they started the rest of their lives.  Before they were married, we spent an evening together.  Jessica wanted to ensure that she had plenty of photos of the two of them as a couple, and I loved her idea of a bridal session, before the wedding!!  We started with a first look, and even though it wasn't yet their wedding day, the moment was beautiful ;)  Enjoy these photos of a great couple, and stay tuned for their wedding day photos!!!