Moriah & Kile | Married

It was the hot, with a little bit of hot, and then add in a bit more hot!!  It was a beautifully WARM day!!  But in the Bridal suite the laughter danced and Moriah smiled and their chatter was of one thing - how long Moriah & Kile had waited for this day!  These high school sweethearts have so many photos together and they displayed them in the reception area.  Homecoming, football games, Prom, Graduation, lake days, summer nights, holidays, celebrations.  They've been together through so much and all of it brought them to this day, this perfect day, where they became husband and wife!  I loved that prayers before the ceremony were important.  I loved that Moriah's mom did her hair just as she had for countless special occasions before.  I loved that Kile tried so hard not to cry both during the First Look and again when Moriah walked down the aisle!  I loved the quotes from classic books that graced the tables and the florals that filled the room.  But most of all I loved that Moriah & Kile were surrounded with people who had loved them and supported them.  I loved being a part of their day ;)