A Collection of Recent Bridal Sessions

Bridal sessions are some of my favorite type of sessions ever!!  I love seeing a bride all dressed up for the first time.  I love the extended amount of time to work with just them.  I love helping them feel beautiful.  It's such a great chance to test out the "Look" that you've wanted to pull together.  To see if the dress fits correctly, how the make-up looks, are the shoes (somewhat) comfortable!  I don't think I've photographed a Bridal session yet where the bride hasn't adjusted at least one thing for the big day.  Sometimes the hair just needs a little tweaking, or the straps need to be taken in a little.  Whatever it is, these little things go a long way towards making her more comfortable on the big day!

The one thing I don't like about Bridals is that I can't share them right after I photograph them!!  I usually have to wait a few weeks, sometimes even months before I can share anything!  By that time I've photographed the wedding and I'm dying to share those images so the Bridal photos get pushed to the back and wait for another day!  So before I start a whole new batch of weddings for this coming season, I thought I'd share some of my favorites from Bridal sessions over the last year ;)