Mary Ellen & Jordan | Engaged

If I'm remembering correctly, their story starts as a "He fell first, but she wasn't impressed" kind of story ;)  But Jordan was kind and funny and eventually caught Mary Ellen eye and then her heart!  I love how these two are together! They just fit so well.  His easy-going nature balances her drive and planning!  She keeps him on track and he makes her laugh.  On our stroll around Downtown, Mary Ellen confessed to being so nervous about our session!!  Just wanting everything to be perfect.  Well whatever nerves she had didn't show and these guys were pros from the start!!  And even thought it was unseasonably warm and we had to take breaks to step away from each other due to body heat (!!), they pulled off beautiful portraits on a gorgeous night!!  Loved getting to know them a bit more and I can't wait to see all their plans come to life next year for their wedding!!