Ashley & Adam | Married

Adam & Ashley are huge fans of all things Lord of the Rings/Star Wars so they used that as their inspiration for their wedding decor.  Which could have been super cheesy, but they have great taste and pulled it off as the classy and beautiful affair that it was!!  Lots of ferns and greenery gave it the "a little bit elvish, subtly Lord of the Rings" feel that they were going for!  Ashley is a graphic designer and here is her description of the Invitation Suite she designed - "All the paper goods I've designed myself (putting that graphic design degree to work!), but the sigil design Adam and I created together. In the design, he put the sun, moon, Saturn, and the North star, arranged around the circle in the positions that they will be on November 15th at the time when we will be married! How romantic :) The slip of vellum paper on the invitation that says "we are looking for someone to share in an adventure" is not only a reference to The Hobbit, but ties into our adventurous spirits. I also designed a "fun" program for people to read while they're waiting for the ceremony to start. It tells a little bit about the people in the wedding party and some of the events of our reception, and hopefully will be both entertaining and informative for our guests!"  How fun!!  Hand painted Toms for the bridesmaids, Light Sabers for the groomsmen, custom stamped luggage tags for favors, the list is endless!  They really put so much time and effort into this day and making it theirs!

Many thanks to Carrie for being my assistant for the day!

Ceremony Venue:  Virginia Tech Ampitheatre

Reception Venue: Inn at Virginia Tech

Florist: Cuts Creative Florist

Baker:  Casey's Cakes

DJ:  RSP Entertainment

Invitation Suite: Bride!