Family Beach Trip 2014

Last week on Instagram (btw - you should follow me if you don't already!) I mentioned that my family was headed to the beach, and if I was honest, it wasn't my most favorite place.  I'm just not a beach person, but I can't deny that we had a great time as a family!  We built sand castles, got a bit of sunburn, surfed a few waves, watched the sunrise and the sunset, searched for shells, played 4 square, watched movies, stayed up late, slept in, and stuffed our tummies ;)  It was pretty great.Beach100Beach101Beach102Beach103Beach104Beach105Beach106Beach107Beach108Beach109Beach110Beach111Beach113Beach114Beach115Beach116Beach117Beach118Beach119Beach120Beach121Beach112Beach122Beach123Beach124Beach125Beach126Beach127Beach128Beach129Beach130Beach131Beach132Beach133Beach134Beach135Beach136Beach137