Andy & Emilie & Olivia & Ella & Ava | Family

It's been a long, hard winter y'all!!  I usually love my down time, but this year has just been full of illness and broken bones and general craziness!!!  Today, however, the sun is shining and I have hope that spring is on it's way ;)  And I now remember that I need to catch up on all the sessions that have happened in the last few months!!  Before Christmas, I got the chance to meet up with this sweet family ;)  It's been a few years since we worked together and I was reminded how great they are, and how beautiful their girls are!!  Enjoy some of my favorites!!Ashworth-100_blogAshworth-101_blogAshworth-106_blogAshworth-108_blogAshworth-110_blogAshworth-115_blogAshworth-118_blogAshworth-120_blogAshworth-122_blogAshworth-124_blogAshworth-126_blogAshworth-127_blogAshworth-132_blogAshworth-134_blogAshworth-135_blogAshworth-141_blogAshworth-146_blogAshworth-148_blogAshworth-150_blogAshworth-155_blogAshworth-159_blogAshworth-164_blogAshworth-165_blogAshworth-167_blogAshworth-172_blog