Emily | Bridals

I adore Bridal Sessions!!  Every bride needs the chance to put on her dress more than once, and the chance to feel like a beautiful bride!!  Emily and Brian are married, and I can't wait to share their wedding photos, but I'm also excited to share Emily's bridal session at the beautiful Inn at Burwell Place!!  It was the perfect backdrop for Emily's lace dress and vintage vibe.  I am super proud of these images, and hope you enjoy some of my favorites!!EmilyMookBridals-100_blogEmilyMookBridals-101_blogEmilyMookBridals-102_blog

Oh so pretty!!!EmilyMookBridals-107_blogEmilyMookBridals-108_blogEmilyMookBridals-114_blogEmilyMookBridals-123_blog

Love this one!!  So classy and elegant ;)EmilyMookBridals-128_blogEmilyMookBridals-130_blogEmilyMookBridals-136_blogEmilyMookBridals-139_blogEmilyMookBridals-148_blogEmilyMookBridals-149_blogEmilyMookBridals-155_blog

Ahhh!!!  This one is gorgeous!!!EmilyMookBridals-164_blogEmilyMookBridals-166_blogEmilyMookBridals-167_blogEmilyMookBridals-169_blogEmilyMookBridals-170_blogEmilyMookBridals-179_blogEmilyMookBridals-181_blogEmilyMookBridals-186_blogEmilyMookBridals-190_blog

I don't use off camera flash for many session, but I'm so glad I did this time!!!  Love the dramatic clouds in these ;)EmilyMookBridals-194_blogEmilyMookBridals-197_blogEmilyMookBridals-200_blogEmilyMookBridals-203_blog

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