Jodi & Lee | Married

Jodi & Lee are the kind of people that everyone wants to know.  The kind that make you feel welcome, like you're a part of something.  On their wedding day, the kind words flowed and the smiles were never ending, because they set the scene for a perfectly welcoming day ;)  And as was repeated many times during the toasts, so many of their family and friends knew they were a perfect match!  The day dawned hot and sunny, but the hotel room where the girls dressed was cool and buzzing with activity.  As we made our way up the mountain to Silver Hearth Lodge, the temperatures cooled and a comfortable breeze blew, and we knew it would be a perfect day - and it was!  Enjoy ;)The photo in the middle is of a piece from Jodi's Grandmother's wedding dress.  It was pinned to Jodi's dress as a precious reminder ;)Such a beautiful bouquet!!!Such a radiant Bride!!!We stopped along the Parkway for a few photo-ops ;)  So glad we did!!This was one of the most fun bridal parties I've ever worked with ;)  Mostly due to these guys right here.Lee looking quite dapper!!Deep Breath!So happy to be married!!!So, while we're taking photos, let's have a dance party!Favorite!!!Jodi, just stop it!!  You are too beautiful ;)I loved her simple and yet elegant decor ;)After dinner, we snuck off for a few more photos as the sun set behind the mountains ;)The toasts were funny and touching and perfect ;)  First dance!And now, let the party begin!Jodi's Dad surprised her with a song, joined by all their family and friends.  Short People ;)And their off!!  Thank you so much Jodi and Lee!!  I LOVED your wedding!!  View more of your images here ;)Venue: Silver Hearth Lodge

Coordinator: Liz Stevens with That Wedding

More credits to come ;)