Shannon & Kevin | Married

Sometimes it rains on a wedding day!  And when it does - you have 2 choices.  Fall apart OR have your wedding anyway - because it's your wedding day!!  Shannon was a pro ;)  When she and I chatted the week before her big day, she was admittedly nervous about the possibility of rain.  However on the day of, she was nothing less than a beautiful bride who was excited to be married!!  So she kicked off her shoes and marched down the aisle to meet her man, who saw nothing but her as she approached!!  Kevin & Shannon have been together as a couple for a long time, and I loved seeing how comfortable they were together ;)  The way Kevin looks at Shannon, you just know that he's head over heels for her!  Their family and friends cheered them on, held umbrella's for them, and loved on their daughter all night!  Congrats guys!!  Enjoy ;)Getting a nap in before the day got going ;)Baby toes!!!Kevin & Shannon's daughter Aubrey is a doll baby!!Fish face - Ha!!!I love this look on her face!!SOOO excited to be married!!!I love how her flowers gave just the right pop of color!!See the raindrops?!!  Still gorgeous ;)Ahh!!  Love this!One of my favorites!! Beautiful family ;)  The feet just made these photos!!!Not only was there rain, but Kevin picked a 4 leaf clover just before the ceremony started!!  How's that for luck?!Oh yes we did ;)First dance!So apparently, you must attack the cake - ...and then attack your spouse!This is how the boys kept themselves entertained ;)Love it!!