Mallory & Oliver | Newborn

Babies and I usually get along pretty well ;)  Having done the baby thing myself 6 times, I love the chance to love on some little ones!  But my hat is off to anyone with multiples!!  One baby at a time is hard enough.  2 is just a lot!!  But these guys have it made - Mom and Dad are doing an amazing job ;)  They of course decided to make their entrance early, but after a little stay in the hospital, were home and still perfectly tiny for our session!!  I loved every crazy minute ;)  Enjoy!Mama is big on the monograms, and I love them!Sweet boy!Mallory was peeking ;)We decided to stop for a snack!And a wardrobe change ;)Grandma made these hats, and I was obsessed with them!!Hello pretty girl!!!FAVORITE!!!!!Love the monograms ;)  You can view their full gallery here ;)