A little time, a little fun ;)

Well, hello blog world!!!  It's been a while since I've posted ;)  And it's been good to take a break!!  I've spent some time with my family, taken on a few projects, rested, relaxed, and taken steps to become creatively inspired!  It's been a great break, and I'm ready to start sharing some of the sessions that I've been shooting in the meantime ;)  But first, a few weeks ago a group of local photographers and myself had the chance to get away for a weekend and be creative.  Dancers and a studio were lined up, rooms reserved, models assigned and wardrobe chosen.  And then, we took pictures ;)  I even shot some film, but I'm waiting on them to get back from the lab ;)  Enjoy!

Ballerina session

Models Bailey, Alexis and Carmen

Rhythm Dance Studios

Concept by Lori Hedrick and Jennifer Scruggs

Long Exposure and Light Painting

Photos by Lori Hedrick ;)

Double Exposure

Concept by Chelsa YoderSparkles and Prisms

Concept by Natalie Gibbs

Model: Kristyn Lamb with Modelogic Richmond

Photos by Lori HedrickLight and Shadows

Concept by Fallon Kreye

Model: Kristyn Lamb with Modelogic Richmond

Photo by Lori HedrickBridal Session

Concept by Mary Stafford

Model: Kayla Lyons with Modelogic Richmond

Photos by Lori HedrickOutdoor/Film Shoot

Concept by Rabiah Khwaja Gohar

Models: Colby Natasha Muhammad and Kirsten Hauser from Modelogic Richmond

Photos by Lori HedrickNight Noir Session

Concept by Corey Watkins

Model: Chelsa Yoder

Photos by Lori Hedrick