2012 Favorites | Weddings

Wedding photos!  So many favorites!!  So many beautiful people!  I love what I do, and am thrilled that so many couples trusted their important day to me and my creative eye!  Choosing a photographer is a big decision, and I'm so blessed to serve these couples!!  I could say so many things about 2012 ;)  It was a year of growing and changing.  It was a year of stepping it up and pushing myself to be more.  There were times when I wondered what in the world I was doing, and other times when I squealed from delight!!

For fun, I thought I'd share a few statistics from this past year, as well as some beautiful photos!!

Weddings photographed in 2012 = 15

On average I took about 3000 photos per wedding, which totals over 45,000 images photographed this year in weddings alone ;)

I typically use about 8-10 batteries to power my flash and off camera lighting at each wedding x 15 weddings = over 120 AA batteries used!!

In addition to every bride and groom, there were bridesmaids and groomsmen - 127 to be exact ;)  As well as the 24 flower girls and ring bearers! And I can't leave out the mothers-of-the-bride, and mothers- of-the-groom, and all the fathers!!

And after all the flowers, and cake, and shoes, and tux rentals, and limos, and toasts, and rings, and wedding gowns, and ties, and presents, and cupid shuffles are gone,  the photos bring back the memories over and over again ;)

Thank you all!  Enjoy ;)