Chris + Jessica + Julie + Cassie + Aly | Family

There's still a few leaves to be found, and I love that it still feels a bit like fall!!  Especially since I don't have my Christmas tree up yet!!!  I was so excited when I walked into this families back yard and saw it was covered with leaves and sported a tree swing and a playhouse!!  How perfect for these 3 little girls ;)  Who, by the way are gorgeous and super fun!!  We worked fast so we could catch the last bit of beautiful light!!  They were full of smiles, and silly faces, which are many times my favorites!!  Enjoy ;)Look at Miss Ham ;)Snuggles are the best!1..2..3..GO!!I said "Hands in your lap, feet on the ground", and this is what I got!!!  Cracks me up ;)I love doing photos in front of my clients home!!  Such a special photo to have years down the road!!Such beauties!!!They get it from their parents ;)So Chris!!!  Such a fun Dad ;)I like to think that these girls will cherish their individual photos with each parent one day ;)So much fun!!!  Thanks for letting your kids be kids ;)