Michael & Lauren & Kelsey & Rachael | Family

When I was just starting my business, I photographed a lot of friends ;)  Families I knew from school, from church, relatives.  These were all very comfortable and easy, and felt more like spending time with friends than actual work!  So when I would get a call from a new person, someone I didn't know, I was giddy and nervous!!  I remember getting the call from Tim, saying he wanted to surprise his wife with a photo of their children for Mother's Day.  We chatted dates and location, and set up a time when he could get the kids out of the house without Lisa knowing.  I thought he was deserving of the "Best Husband Ever" award.  Not just because he was being thoughtful with his gift, but because he was willing to get 4 kids, 3 of whom were triplets under the age of 3, out of the house by himself, and dressed for a photo session!!!  I had the best time with these kids, even though they don't remember ;)  But I was incredibly proud of the images.  So proud that one is still on my website today ;)

All of that to say that I was thrilled when Lisa contacted me for another session.  This time she was the one surprising Tim, and my how these kids have grown!!!  They are still just as fun and easy to photograph!!  Lisa, it was great to finally meet you!  I hope you enjoy your beautiful children ;)  This one makes me laugh!!In the tree-house Mom built ;)Rock, paper, scissors!!"Don't smile!"Beautiful sisters - Lauren, Kelsey, and Rachael!!And Michael is so handsome, and so big!!Love this one ;)Lisa, you are one gorgeous Mama!!By the way - Lisa, can you tell me which one is in the photograph on my website?!!  I'm not sure who it is, but I'm pretty sure you do ;)