Jessica & Zach | Married - Corinthain Ballroom Wedding Photographer, Roanoke VA

I had not met Zach until just a few days before their wedding, but I knew from the way Jessica talked about him, that he was perfect for her ;)  And he was!!  I love the way he looks at  her, how he made sure he was by her side every moment he could, how he helped with her beautiful dress!  Jessica's vision of pink and tulle was beautiful, and the Corinthian Ballroom looked amazing for both their ceremony and reception!!  Jessica worked so hard on all the details of her wedding, and you could tell ;)  I loved getting to know this couple, and I can't wait to see what their life in California holds for them!  Enjoy - and make sure to watch the slide show at the end!!!

These shoes - to die for!!  Her something blue ;)She worked so hard to set up the ceremony perfectly!!Love this one!!  I'm a little quirky - I know ;)It was quite the party!!