Holly & Adam | Married - Jefferson Center Wedding Photographer

Oh my!!  This couple is so loved!!!  Holly and Adam were "just friends" long before they were "Holly & Adam"!!  They've known each other since high school and youth group, but it took a good while for them to find each other ;)  And everyone is oh so glad they did!!!  They not only care deeply about each other, but for everyone in their lives, and it was evident in how packed the church was for their wedding!!!  I don't know that I've know a happier bride ;)   You'll see that she just didn't stop smiling!!  There were so many moments, so much laughter, a few tears of joy, and so much love surrounding this couple on their day.  It was amazing to witness ;)  Make sure to watch the slide show at the end of the post for many more photos!!  Holly and Adam, I don't think words can express how blessed I am to have been a part of your wedding day.  Hopefully you'll see my gratitude through my lens, in your photos.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!  Enjoy!Funny moment #1 - "I like my view!!"  as Mom helped attach her veil!Funny moment #2 - Little flower girl was overwhelmed by the number of people staring at her, and stopped dead in the middle of the aisle!!!  Mother-of-the-bride to the rescue ;)Funny moment #3 - Father/Daughter dance that ended with a fully choreographed dance routine involving the entire family!!They get the award for best dancing guests!!  These guys could move!!

Funny moment #4 - Their guests held nothing back and hammered Holly & Adam with birdseed at their exit..........poor Holly ate a mouth-full!!!So much fun!!!