Emily & Stephen | Married - Roanoke VA Santillane Wedding Photographer

I met Emily a few years ago while she was working for the local newspaper.  The school my kids attended had a few newsworthy events, and Emily was there snapping photos with her camera ;)  On one occasion, Emily asked if I would mind sending her some of the photos I took, and I was happy to oblige!  Little did I know I had gained a loyal follower, and a fan!!  I'm not sure I know how many people Emily has sent my way.  I know I was blessed enough to book Tess & Addison's wedding 2 years ago because of her.  And I know that I have the amazing wedding of Samantha & Key in a month, because of her.

But this time, it was her turn!!!  Emily and Stephen knew when they were ready, and wasted no time in pulling their wedding together ;)  It was perfect!  Yes, it rained.  Yes, it was wet.  But for Stephen and Emily, the day was exactly what they wanted it to be - their wedding day!!  I was so blessed to be a part of their day.  So thrilled to capture this couple, who are perfectly matched.  So happy to call them friends ;)  Enjoy!Emily was so nervous in the moments leading up to the First Look!!!  But once she saw Stephen, it all melted away, and she was radiant!!  And, I am so happy they did a first look, because right after all their photos, the rain started!!!Love the one on the left ;)  It's so them!!!Emily's dog Peyton was technically the "ring bearer".  Even though she's a girl.  And she didn't carry the rings.  ;)See the gray skies!!  I love how dramatic they made these photos!I squealed when I took this photo!!  If you had been there, you would have known how much effort it took to get a dog and a toddler to stand still for 10 seconds!!!  These two are the best of friends ;)As the rain rolled in, so did the moisture!  We were waiting to see if it was going to pass, and Emily was getting hot!!!  The rain didn't pass, and in fact became quite heavy later!  Emily was determined to get married on the front steps, even in the rain.  So that's what she did!!!One of Emily's requests was that we show off all the argyle socks.  Check and mark!

Make sure you watch their slideshow below!  And for even more photos, check out their Wedding Website!!!