Time for a change ;)

We've had a few issues with our Internet connection the past few weeks, so while I've been working on finishing wedding albums and editing photos, I haven't been able to respond to emails or Facebook messages!!  I'm working on that today, so if you've contacted me and haven't heard back, I'll be getting back to you this weekend!  It's also my "slow" time of the year and I decided that this year I wanted to turn my focus a bit more towards my website and blog.  I've loved the look and feel of my site for the past 2 years, but moving into my studio space made me realize that I wanted to warm up my online presence.  While I'm drawn to all things clean and modern, in real life, I liked to be surrounded by things of comfort!  Cozy pillow, fluffy rugs, warm colors, dark wood!  Anything that makes me want to curl up with a good book and take a nap!  My studio has been so much fun to decorate and make feel like home, and I wanted my website to represent the same thing!!!  So, I decided to buckle down these past few weeks and really come up with a look that was mine.  Drawing inspiration from my studio, I added a few pops of color, and the hand-drawn camera icon my talented sister made for me, and here it is!!!!  I'm so excited to share!!

The main page features a rotating gallery with some of my favorite images, and I hope to update this often with new photos!!  Icons at the bottom will link you to my Facebook page, Twitter, and Pinterest pages.  Click the "comment" flag at the bottom to leave a Facebook comment about the site, or the "proofs" link to head to my new proofing gallery!!  It's still a work in progress, so let me know if you need access to a gallery ;)

I love it!  Click on the "info" tab, you'll find this fun area with links to info about where to find me and pricing, as well as more of my favorite photos!!

Flags at the top right access different galleries.  The wedding gallery now features both engagement and wedding images!!

But wait!!  That's not all!!  The blog has a new look also.  And since Facebook just rolled out their pages for businesses, of course I had to update my cover image!!

If you haven't liked my business page already, then head over to Facebook and do it!!

So what do you think?!  I'd love to hear from you ;)  Leave me a comment below!!  Now it's back to emails, and editing, and albums, oh my!!!