Aimee & Solomon | Engaged - Lewisburg WVA Wedding Photographer

On my drive to meet Aimee & Solomon, I drove through some of the worst rain I've seen in a long time!  I worried the entire time that our session would be rained out!  But when I arrived, the sun was soft in the sky, and apart from my slippery flip-flops,  we had the perfect evening.  I am so excited to work with Aimee & Solomon next year at their wedding.  Aimee and I had a great chat about ideas for her wedding, and I can't wait to see what she pulls together!!

Solomon grew up on this land.  It all belonged to his grandparents and is still in the family!  They pulled the red truck up onto the hill just for our session.  A feat considering it doesn't run, has no power steering, and the hill was slippery from the rain.  I think it was totally worth it!  And Aimee's scouting session paid off with the discovery of the wagon in the meadow!  Then what would a country session be without a little fishing!  Enjoy!