Raechel & Isaac | Married - Sundara Wedding Photographer

Raechel & Isaac - What can I say!  Your wedding was perfect.  Truly perfect!  And before you completely write me off because everything didn't go as planned, let me explain.  Your wedding was about you.  It was about 2 people, in love with each other, in love with their God, standing together before their family and friends, committing themselves to each other.  It was about love.  And I loved every minute of my time with you!  It was a beautifully perfect day.Her amazing dress from Celebration Bridal.Sundara is an amazing location for any wedding, and it was decorated beautifully for the wedding!

And then came the rain!Happy Plant created an amazing bouquet for Raechel.Isaac is so sweet with Raechel, and she is complete with him.The rain cleared shortly after the ceremony and we were able to venture outside for photos.And always after the rain, the sun is amazing!!!Raechel is used to having the camera in her hands.  It was only natural that she would take photos of her own wedding!Some of the best dance moves I've seen in a long time!  Raechel & Isaac's friends knew how to move!One last one to end the night.