Baby Olivia - Roanoke Va children's photographer

There are some people in life that are just friendships waiting to happen.  When I worked with Emily & James last year at their wedding, I knew our personalities meshed well, and I hoped to have the chance to get to know them better.  So, when Emily started working with me on some of my processing, I was thrilled to spend time together.  Emily & James knew they wanted a family fairly quickly, but even they were surprised to find out that their family would grow so fast!  Welcome little Olivia - the most perfect, precious, amazing, beautiful, and patient little baby ever!  She was a dream to photograph and I can't wait to see her again!  Congratulations James & Emily!

When I arrived, Emily was getting ready to give Olivia a bath so she would be all clean for her time in the spotlight!

Baby massage!  I just love baby feet!

It's such hard work being a baby!Doesn't her sweet smile make you melt!!My favorite!  I love the squishy lips!!!