Cathy & Jessica | Roanoke VA Photographer

Jessica is 2...need I say more?!

This was the what I got when I said "Jessica, look at me!"

C & J

I love eyelashes, and I love how her feet aren't even touching the ground!!

C & J

We were feeding the ducks.  They weren't sure about us.C & J

Always on the move!C & J

C & J

The bread for the ducks was too good to resist!C & JC & J

Beautiful eyes!c & J

C & J

C & J

Then we played hide & seek....she found me!C & J

She loves her Mama!C & JC & J

Grandma knew how to get some great smiles...She said "Scream"!  C & J

I usually tell little ones to see if they can see my eye in the camera lens.  She's searching hard! C & J"I found you!!!!"

C & J

More baby eyelashes and one with Mommy!C & J

Thanks guys!  It was great fun!!!