Welcome to the new home of Lori Hedrick Photography!!!

So, it's my birthday today and i am typing this blog entry while sitting in my new .. wait for it ...


I really can't believe I'm here!  Since the official start of my business, almost 4 years ago, I have hoped and dreamed that one day I would move out of the tiny cramped corner in my basement into something I could call my own.  Time has crawled and time has flown and now I find myself in a brand new place and ready to grow even more!   This move is important on so many levels, personal and business.  For my family, it means that when I am home, I'm really home.  Not just there but off in the corner on the computer.  It's a way for me to separate business and life.  The line between laundry and photos, phone calls and dinner, packages and clutter had become way too blurry!  For business, this means that I now have a place to meet and chat.  A place to walk you through your photos and help you choose the best ones.  A place to show samples and get your creative juices flowing with ideas for decorating your home with beautiful photos!  A place to meet with brides and grooms without the noise and chaos of the local coffee shop (but with the coffee of course!).  I'm so very excited for this new adventure and can't wait to see where it takes me!  If you've been following my FaceBook page, you'll know that I've been dropping hints for the past few days!  So keep scrolling and see if you recognize any photos from the sneak peeks!

There's still a lot to be done.  Pictures need to be hung, a few pieces of furniture are on the way, and I searching for the perfect curtains.  But for having just moved in on Tuesday, I'm thrilled with everything!!!


I'll share more photos as things come together and I'll even do a photo tour so you'll know exactly how to find me!  Thanks for all the love and support of my family and friends!