Time for a Tea Party! | Roanoke Va Children's Photographer

If you've been a blog follower for a while, you'll remember these little girls from this session at the beach a few years ago.  My how they have grown!  It was a beautiful evening for a tea party!!

Tea Party!Tea Party!Tea Party!

I'm not sure the flowers smelled very good.  But the girls sure looked cute giving it a try!Tea Party!

Miss Olivia!Tea Party!

Sweet Ella!Tea Party!Adorable Ava!Tea Party!Tea Party!What's in the pond?

Tea Party!Tea PartyTea Party!Tea Party!TEa Party!

Tea Party!

Don't you just love her freckles!!Tea Party!

All she was missing was the raised pinkie finger!Tea Party!

This child is hysterical!  She was so intent on pouring the "tea".  She thoroughly enjoyed the party!Tea Party!Tea Party!Tea Party!Tea Party!Tea Party!

One last walk before heading home!Tea Party!After our session, Emily changed the girls so they could go play at the park for a little while.  While Emily and I were chatting and she was changing Ava, Ava stood on a chair right in front of me.  She found my camera fascinating and clicked away at the shutter.  I didn't think a thing about it, but when I was sifting thru the photos, I came upon this gem!  Ava's self portrait!!!  So adorable!

Tea Party!

Thanks Emily!  I always love photographing your beautiful girls!

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