Beautiful Baby Reagan!

Last weekend, I had the chance to spend a wonderful morning with Mike, Linnsey and Baby Reagan. I loved this little family so much! Baby Reagan is adorable and full of personality! 5 minutes after I walked in their house, she reached out for me to hold her. I just melted!

See? Isn't she adorable?! She was just up from a nap and Mama was trying to dress a very wiggly baby!

I know they spend a lot of time here!

Reagan loves Linnsey's hair!

When I was there, Reagan was so close to figuring out how to crawl! It was a good thing she hadn't because I was able to get these shots, which would have never been possible with a crawling baby! However, on her Facebook page, Linnsey just posted that Reagan had started crawling! Go Reagan!

Smooches from Daddy!

Love her eyes!

A quick snack before we headed to the park!

I loved the painting on the wall in Reagan's room!

As a family, they love to spend time outdoors and this park is a favorite place to walk.

Watching the geese! Although, I do think that at some point, the railing was of more interest!

I just want to eat her toes in this one!

My kind of family portraits - laid back fun!

I'm just that funny! :)

Mike and Linnsey were dedicating Reagan the following morning at church. Linnsey's grandmother made this amazing dress for Reagan! All the props came from Mike and Linnsey's house, and the park had the perfect place for these pictures!

This makes me laugh!


Oh so cute!!!!

At the end of the session, Reagan was wearing out. She popped her thumb right in her mouth and surprised Linnsey! It may not be her normal habit, but it sure was cute! She even fell asleep in the car on the way home!

Mike and Linnsey, thanks so much for sharing your beautiful family with me! I loved every minute!

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