The Aldridge Family

When your evening starts out with bubbles, you know you're going to have a good time!

Jackson was a pro at blowing really big ones! Don't you just love his freckles!

Abigail had the hardest time! I think we determined it was her new missing tooth!


I've been waiting to photograph these kids for almost 2 years now!!! I just love their dark eyelashes!

When Kathy and I chatted about where to do their pictures, one thing she mentioned was how much they enjoyed taking walks in their neighborhood. So, we took a walk!

When we crossed the street we found the most perfect light! I think this may be my favorite!

They went swimming earlier in the day. I think Abigail was worn out, but it made for a sweet moment with Mom!

Now you know why these kids are so gorgeous! Mom & Dad lookin' pretty good!

A little storytime.

I do love this book :)

Jackson play guitar!

A quick wardrobe change and we headed to the park.

This just makes me smile!

And this makes me giggle!

Apparently there was a  spontaneous dance party!

I had a great time with you guys! Thanks Kathy and John for letting me spend the evening with your beautiful family! I hope the ice cream was amazing:)

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