The Mott Family!

As a Mom, I know how fast time flies. As a Mom, I know how I want to remember all the little moments. As a Mom, I know how important photographs are. As a Mom, I also know how difficult it is to pull the family together, coordinate outfits, set aside the time and just do it! As a Mom, I know how much I love when I make the time. As a photographer, I understand all of the above and that makes me love what I do even more! When Jim pulled me aside at church one evening and asked about doing a session, I was happy! When he mentioned it was a Mother's Day present for Kim, I was thrilled! When Kim said they liked different and wanted something out of the ordinary, I was over the moon!!! We had a blast! These guys were so comfortable with each other and in front of the camera.

I think the back lot of a big funky warehouse qualifies as different, don't you?!

Random pieces of metal just thrown in the grass make for great set-ups!

Funny back story - I asked everyone to have a seat on the ground in front of the funky steel beams. It wasn't the most comfortable place to sit! Poor Carrie sat on a broken reed which poked her hard in the backside! What followed was a series of funny pictures with a mixture of laughter and pain! Thanks for being a trooper Carrie!

I know they look cool, but really they were hot! The sun was intense!

Then, out of nowhere, it started to rain! All we could do was laugh! I do love how you can see the raindrops in this one!

As quickly as it came, the rain passed. A wardrobe and location change and we were back on track! I really love this one!

I'm not sure whether to laugh hysterically or be moved by this image. You decide.

This immediately followed!

Love the expressions!

I always try to get a picture of just Mom & Dad. I know it's so rare! I love the interaction between them!

I'm not sure, but I think Dad may have had something to do with the laughter here!

Hunter and Carrie know how to work the camera!

When you set up an outdoor session with me, one thing I will stress is shooting in the evening. Nothing can beat the light that comes from the setting sun! And yes, it's supposed to be focused on the grass! It's an artistic thing!

Most definitely my favorite!

Location #4 and still yummy light!


Running plays a big part in this family!

Fun outtakes from the very end of the session!

Thank you Jim, Kim, Carrie, and Hunter for letting me take your pictures!! You were so much fun! Watch your slideshow below and I'll see you soon!