Sweet Baby Addison!

James and Jennifer are now Mommy and Daddy! And like any new parent, they are completely and totally in love with their baby girl. She takes their breath away with her smile and their eyes light up when she's happy. She is the center of their universe. They are smitten!

Baby Addison is just too cute! She had me smitten too!

A quick change - I love this slice of everyday life!

Beautiful baby eyelashes

I adore baby bellies!!!!

Even though it was pouring rain when I arrived for their session, the swing was dry enough to spend some time on! One of my favorites! I want a porch swing!!!

Snuggles with Mommy and Daddy!

Love :)!

I just want to nibble the baby fingers!!

Hands down, my very favorite! LOVE!

Back inside for another change and a giggle with Mom!

Sweet toes!

Funny face!

I love Addy's room! Babies always look so tiny in their cribs!

This makes me smile!

Addy has just discovered her tongue! It cracks me up! Watch the slideshow for more photos of her tongue action!

Addy loves it when Daddy tickles her feet!

I love this photo, although, James and Jennifer will tell you that Addy was just done at this point! She was a trooper, despite not feeling herself and the rainy weather.

******Make sure you watch the slideshow below, or click here to watch it full-screen!******

But, before you do, let me tell you just how special this little baby is! James and Jennifer have been so blessed to be given such a beautiful, sweet little girl. However, Baby Addison is sick. Just a few months ago, she was diagnosed with SMA Type 1. With the support of their family and friends, Addison, James, and Jennifer continue to pursue treatment and a cure. One thing is sure, Addison is loved beyond words.

Thank you James and Jennifer for sharing your family with me! You are in my prayers and I know that our God will provide everything you need.

Many blessings,