Baby Joel

The last time we saw Baby Joel, he was here!

Now Joel is about 2 months old and as cute as a button.

He was asleep in Momma's arms when I arrived for our session, but I think all my camera noise woke him up!

So he needed to stretch a little!

I love this one! It makes me laugh, it's so cute!

It was time to eat and he let us know. Hattie tried to help!

But only Momma would do.

Sweet baby feet :)

I love how babies crinkle their face up when they cry! It makes them even cuter!

All that fussing wore him out and it was finally time to sleep!


My favorite! I love his eyelashes, cute nose, sweet hands, and the peaceful look on his face. Almost makes me want another one........almost! ;)

Thanks Kim, for letting me take pictures of your beautiful baby! I just want to eat him up! Watch your slideshow below!