The Butler Family

The Butler's were one of the first families we met when we began attending our church. They invited us to attend their Sunday School class and we've been there ever since! Their journey to the family they are becoming is truly amazing. After struggling with infertility, their son, and later twin daughters, were all conceived with medical help. Five years later, believing they would never become pregnant on their own, Scott and Kim feel truly blessed to have another little one entering their family. I am blessed to call them friends. We spent the afternoon capturing this miracle we will soon see! Kim is a beautiful woman, inside and out and you can see how happy she is to have baby #4!

I love the dramatic lighting I was able to get during this session!

I can't decide which one of the next two is my favorite. I love them both!

I think Kim looks gorgeous in this one!

Scott joined Kim for a few. They are so sweet together!

The kids had followed us around laughing and giggling at Mom and Dad, so they were ready to be a part of the action! Story time!

Music time!

Game time!

A few "portraits" to finish the day!

Thank you Scott and Kim...

...and Nathan...

...and Hattie...

...and Audrey!

I hope you guys had fun and I can't wait to meet baby Joel!

Watch your slideshow below!