The Durham Family

This post will have lots of pictures.  Just to warn you.

I adore this family!  I only just met them and yet know that they are genuine and true.  Chad and Aileen love their family more than life.  It shows in how they interact, how they talk, how they watch.  They want to give their children the world.  To that end, they are in the process of leaving Roanoke, their lifelong home, and moving to Illinois.  Thus our choice of location for their session.  Nothing says Roanoke like Mill Mountain!  However, we never made it!  This was the outcome of our trek to the star!

So, on to plan B!  Nothing says Roanoke like the Market!

Jackson enjoyed the textures.

Sophie is gorgeous....

....and likes to catch raindrops on her tongue!

Jed is just plain cute!

A favorite family hang-out is Good Things on the Market.  Full of sweets and penny candy, I can see why!  Jackson stocked up on his favorite - jelly beans!

Jed was in heaven!

This sign in a store window said it all.

Chad, a graphic designer, created these banners that now hang in Center in the Square!

Next up, the Roanoke Weiner Stand!


......resulted in this!

Meanwhile,  Aileen and Jackson were having a wonderful moment.  I love the tenderness in this image.

With full bellies and warm hands, we decided to head out again for a few more photos.  When we rounded the corner to this little park, I was floored.  My thinking - God planned this!

Wow.  I have no words.





Chad and Alieen, you have touched me.  Your family is wonderful and will be missed greatly!  I know the Lord will bless your new venture and nurture your family.  Believe it or not, there are more pictures!  Watch your slideshow below!  Thank you for sharing your children with me.  I loved every minute!