The Austin Family

Carie and I go way back!  Like, play in the sandbox, ride bikes and doll babies!  We have known each other since we were kids and our parents were great friends.  Of course, as is typical, once we grew up and headed in separate directions, we lost touch.  So when we enrolled our kids in Faith Christian School over 2 years ago, our paths crossed again and it was great to catch up!  Carie has 2 beautiful kids and an adorable home so we started our session there on a very, very, very cold day!

Jay has just started guitar lessons and is loving it!

Carie and Kendall have a really sweet relationship!

Love her eyelashes!

Family picture!

We decided to be brave and head out into the cold!  It paid off because the light was gorgeous and I loved the unique whitewashed effect on the outside of their house!

Here is what you can get at sunset in their backyard!

When we could no longer feel our extremities, we racked our brains for somewhere inside!  Our only idea was Ram's Head bookstore inside of Towers Mall.  As we pulled into the parking lot, an empty shopping cart caught my eye and my wheels started turning!  I love it when the ordinary becomes extraordinary!

Inside we discovered the bookstore closed, but found a few other locations that were fun!  Anyone want an Orange Dog!!!

I liked the lines in this one.  These guys are too cute together!

There are many more in the slideshow, so watch it below!  Thanks Carie for letting me hang out with you guys for the afternoon!  Thank you Jay and Kendall for having fun and being good sports!