The Ridout Family

People sometimes ask me how I got started in photography.  Truth be told, I was interested in photography long before I had children.  But they certainly brought out the photographer in me!  When you have adorable babies, you must take pictures of them.  When you take lots of pictures of them, you must do something with the pictures.  Scrap-booking to the rescue!  My interest in scrap-booking affected my photography.  As I worked to put my pictures in albums, I began to want the pictures to improve.  Thus the photography began to evolve and grow and become something I love!  As for the scrap-booking, I still do it when I can and this is where Rachel comes in!  I met Rachel several years ago through a mutual friend.  As Rachel grew her scrap-booking business, I grew my photography business.  The two came together seamlessly when, at a scrap-booking retreat, I was able to take some family pictures of Rachel and her family!

Camp Alta Mons is a gorgeous location!  I loved this old house!

The light was amazing, when it wasn't hiding behind the clouds!

The story of how God has brought Steve and Rachel's family together always send chills down my spine!  There is much love here and their kids are all adorable!

This one is quirky, but that's why I like it!  I think the kids thought I was crazy!

During my sessions, I love for kids to give me their ideas for pictures.  My rule is, we try my idea first, then I'm up for their ideas!  They love having input and sometimes their ideas turn out better than mine!

Case in point.... I love this one and it was totally Aaron's idea!

I'm not even sure what to say about these next two, except WOOOOOOWW!

You guys were so awesome!  It was so much fun, I didn't mind working on my vacation one bit!

Thank you Steve and Rachel for sharing your family with me!  They are precious.  Enjoy your slideshow below and I'll see you soon!