The Davis Family

With the girls outnumbered 2-1 in this family, I knew our session would involve lots of balls, sports and outdoor play!  It's a good thing our day was gorgeous!!  James and Laura have an amazing family with loads of energy, and plenty of love!

What better thing to do on a mild, fall afternoon than football!

Love his expression!

I'm not sure who was chasing who!

Gracie requested pictures on the swing!  I think she had fun!

Laura took Nathan for a ride and he giggled the entire time!

Brian showed me his new trick!

I loved the light in this one!

I so identify with this picture!  Our babies are growing up!

This shot cracked me up!!!  She's trying so hard to fit in with the boys, and yet is all girl!

A quick change of clothes and location and we have a family portrait!

...but this is my favorite kind!

These kids are so gorgeous.  Seriously.

They must get it from Mom and Dad.

Thanks so much, Laura and James for sharing your afternoon with me!  I enjoyed your family immensely!

Watch your slideshow below and I'll see you soon!