The boondocks....

It's actually a word!  I googled it! With the Custer family, I discovered it's also a place!  A little slice of heaven set so far back in the woods you feel as if you might never return!  The newly finished weekend family home is nothing short of amazing.  Massive logs, extensive brickwork and lots of space make it a wonderful place for family memories.

I think front doors say a lot about the place you are about to enter.  To me, this one says "Welcome".

The entire crew!

The rain came, the tummies were hungry and the fingers chilly, so we headed inside!

Dinner in progress.

I loved these tents!

Sweet babies!

Even the boondocks has a flat screen TV!  Told you it was heaven!

Time to eat!

A marshmallow roast to end the evening!

Thank you, Custer family, for allowing me into your amazing home!  I enjoyed my time with you.  May you create many more memories together!

Enjoy your slideshow!