Susannah | Senior '09

Susannah and I (along with Dad!) met up on a beautiful Monday morning for her senior pictures.  A World Class tumbler for the U.S. gymnastics team, she trains in Washington D.C. most of the week and travels internationally for competitions.  I was so glad the weather decided to cooperate as rescheduling may have proven difficult!  Susannah is sweet and funny and full of spunk!  Her favorite color is orange and I think it fits her perfectly!  We had a great time tooling around downtown Roanoke, all the textures and old buildings made for some great pictures!

Her laugh is contagious!

Check out her shoes!  Told you she liked orange!

You know that part about being a gymnast?  Well, she is, and completely amazing at what she does! Watch  this video to see her in action!

While we couldn't quite figure out how to incorporate her tumbling into the session, she did bring along her USA jacket!  So fun!

A walk around the block produced the following backgrounds!  I love them!

How cool is this simple chain link fence!

Standing on the corner, a very pleasant gentleman asked if he could help us find something.  I guess our turning in circles was a dead give-away we didn't know which way to go!  I knew this wall was somewhere, just not where.  Fortunately, the gentleman did and we found it in a few minutes!  It was worth it!


While being a gymnast is what she does, Susannah has a real love for the outdoors.  She recently attended NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) and loved every minute.  Most people have never heard of it, but I was pleased to say I knew exactly what is was!  My sister had a wonderful experience at NOLS a few years ago, after graduating college!

We headed over the Hanging Rock Battlefield Trail to capture some of Susannah in her element!

Makin' the rock face look glamorous!

I love the scale in this one!

Incredible light!

Susannah, you are gorgeous!

Thank you Susannah (and Dad!) for allowing me to capture you and your personality!  I had a great time and look forward to seeing you again soon!  (just not at the top of the mountain!)

Enjoy your slideshow!