Baby Cate - Session 4

The next time you see Baby Cate, she will be a year old.  When we realized time was running out, Cory and I put our heads together to schedule a session.  This time Daddy (Curtis) was part of the action.  Cate has grown so much and is just adorable!

The last time we photographed the family here, Cate was just a little thing!

I love the look on her face!  Mom and Dad must be fascinating!

Curtis being an ever-watchful Daddy!

She wants to crawl sooo bad!  She just can't figure out how to get her feet out of the way!!!

My favorite Daddy/Daughter picture!

Cate is now feeding herself "Puffs"!  I love the lack of coordination!

Favorite family activity - going for a walk!  We also did this image when Cory was pregnant with Cate.  Soon we will do it when Cate is walking!

I love this one!

We made a trip to Jeter Farm for some fall pictures.  The weather was amazing, the farm was wonderful and Cate found the pumpkins and hay quite interesting!

The red barn made for a great background as well!

Sweet family pictures made warm and cozy by a little sun flare!

I was in photographer's heaven with all the equipment and the scenery!  We had a great time!

Thanks Cory and Curtis for once again allowing me to capture your family!  I am so excited to you to see these images and can't wait for Cate birthday party!

Watch your slideshow below and enjoy!!!