The Bennett family!

I would title this post "Little Cabin in the Woods", except it's not a "little" cabin and it's not in the woods! What it is, is a gorgeous log home with some awesome views. Jeff and Cheryl moved into their dream home 8 months ago and have almost completed the "finishing" process! Cheryl wanted to have some pictures made of she and her men doing what they do best, relaxing at home. I love it when I can capture a family in their element! Look and this incredible home!

Jeff is hysterical and kept the boys laughing the whole time!

I loved this fun perspective on the family!

Family time usually means watching their favorite show together. So that's what we did! I LOVE this picture!

The boys have rooms on the second story of their home. Each space truly reflects them and their interests. Jordan spend his down time playing video games in his comfy rocker!

Jeremy plays the drums.... very well.... and very loudly!!! I think I can still hear!

Soon we were joined my Cheryl's parents and grandmother for some family togetherness!

Great-Grandmother and her boys!

One day these guys will be heartbreakers! They are seriously handsome and have intense, blue eyes!

Now see where they get it from! Cheryl and Jeff lookin' hot!!!!!

The pool was filled with water just 3 days before our session. I can only imagine how relaxing it is to swim in this setting! It looks like a mountain resort! Incredible!

Jeff & Cheryl, thanks so much for inviting me to your amazing home and allowing me to capture your family! I look forward to seeing you again!

********Don't forget to watch your slideshow!********