July 4th on July 9th!

I know it's a few days late but here are some pictures of our July 4th celebration!  We had the annual cook-out-set off fireworks-go see more fireworks-kind of day!  Nothing says summer like grilling hamburgers and hot dogs.........

.....and a big glass of lemonade and ice tea!

Chillin' out in the playhouse!

Our stash of fireworks.

The results!  Aren't you impressed!!!!  The girls got a kick out of riding their bikes through the smoke after the firework was finished!

Later we headed to Green Hill Park for the fireworks show!  While we waited the kids were a little bored, so Mommy to the rescue with her camera!  They were twirling glow-stick necklaces Jeryl bought so we could keep track of them!  Not the best photo, but not bad for a few glow-sticks, a flashlight and 6 kids who wouldn't hold still!


Look how cool this one is!  The center looked like a daisy!

Happy summer everyone!