An evening at the lake!

It takes about an hour from my house to reach Smith Mountain Lake.  It is a beautiful drive!  On this evening, I found myself wanting to stop and snap some pictures of the scenery.  I didn't, as I was on my way to a session with Lori and Kevin and their family!  I was excited and for good reason!  This family is so much fun and really enjoy being together!

Julia and John are so adorable!  Julia was a pro and thought up some pictures herself!

Lori wanted to have her session include her parents and Kevin's Mom.  It was her way of honoring all the grandparents in a special way!  I love this image!  It's so real!

Taking a walk!

I'm sure moments like these happen all the time! :)  I really like the feel of this one!  It may be my favorite!

Part of our decision to photograph at the lake was due to the fact that Lori's grandparents owned a home there.  Her parents now own a beautiful house built right beside the home Lori used to visit as a child!  She has fond memories of swimming at the lake, playing in the yard and sitting on this ledge near the dock!

Thank you all for letting me photograph your family!  I really enjoyed our evening together!  Hopefully dinner tasted extra yummy after all that hard work!

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