A Happy Coincidence!

We are back and it sure does feel good to be home! I have mountains of laundry to sort through and many pictures to process! I will share some as soon as I can. However, I wanted to share these images first as I loved how this all came together!

We attend church and Sunday School with Andy and Emilie. A few weeks ago, at a picnic, my husband had a conversation with them about summer vacation. As it turned out, they were headed to the same beach, only a few miles from where we stay. Even more fun was that they would be there most of the same week! As life would have it, I was not privy to this conversation. I was on one of my multiple trips to the ladies restroom with at least a few of my precious (Mommy, I have to go potty now!) girls! Being that we had to pack up from the picnic, load up the 6 kiddos, drive home, take baths, read stories, brush teeth, put them to bed and then collapse ourselves, Jeryl somehow forgot to tell me!

A few days before we left we were having a conversation about all the people we knew that would be at the beach during our trip. It seemed uncanny how many familiar faces we would see while there. Jeryl then informed me of the Ashworth's plans. Knowing how much Emilie had been wanting to have pictures made, and jumping at the chance to photograph her beautiful girls on the beach, I gave her a call. They were leaving the next morning and us the day after that. The timing was perfect!

Enough talk! Enjoy this gorgeous family!

Ella loved the grass!

This is Olivia. She likes to play lifeguard!

I love the light in this one and I adore candid family images!

Meet Ava. She never stops!

The girls found this pool and started to dig. So cute!

Hello!!!! Are you sure you're the parents of 3! Wow!

Andy and Emilie, I'm so happy that this worked out for us! I loved spending time with you and your girls and I am in love with your images!

*********Don't forget to watch your slideshow*********

I'll see you soon! Blessings!