The McCurdy's

Warning: Lots of people - lots of pictures - long post!

Take 21 people, a beautiful home and a lot of rain and you have my session with the McCurdy family! I must admit, I was a little nervous when the rain showed no sign of letting up! It's a little hard to tell 12 adults and 9 grandchildren to just pile on the couch and cuddle. We could have tried, but I don't think it would have been pretty!

This amazing family gathers quite often for large dinners and together time. Since it was just before Father's day, they decided to celebrate all the Dad's in the family and have some fun pictures at the same time!

The entire clan!

Something was terribly funny!

Each individual family! So different and yet so similar!

The two that started all this!

These kids really enjoy spending time together! What fun to have so many cousins to be silly with!

After the "official" session was finished, dinner was started and I stayed around to capture some of the fun!  It smelled sooooo good!!!

I love it when people laugh so freely! It makes them beautiful!

A little refreshment......

......and lots of interaction! Make sure to watch the slideshow for the series of these pictures! It shows how busy a kitchen can be with this many people around!

He took one look at me and said "She's still here, and she's still taking pictures!" Yes I was!

Thank you ALL for allowing me a little peek into you family time! I completely enjoyed myself and you have given me a goal to attain when my children are grown. I loved the chaos and the laughter! Keep it up!

******Make sure to watch you slideshow******

Many, many blessings!