Family picnic!

First of all, let me say that I am still alive and kicking! Well, maybe not kicking, but at least alive! Life has been super busy with everything drawing to a close and the year winding down. I am really looking forward to a lazy summer! We had the chance to get together with family over the holiday weekend for a picnic and we really enjoyed ourselves. The weather threatened rain but it held off just long enough. We headed over to Uncle Curtis and Aunt Cory's house to grill hamburgers and have our first watermelon of the season! Grandma and Grandad brought some bikes and the kids spent most of their time riding. They had a ball! It truly was the start of our summer and I'm looking forward to it! Thanks Curt and Cory for putting up with our clan!




For your enjoyment, the many faces of Baby Cate! She's getting so big!




Blessings, Lori.